Annotation:Apple Blossom Waltz

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X:1 T:Apple Blossom Waltz C:Andy DeJarlis M:3/4 L:1/4 K:A e/ f/g/|"A "afz/a/|gez/g/|f3/2e/ c/A/|E2C/D/|EAc|fez/F/|"E"G3|G3/2e/ f/g/| afz/a/|gez/g/|f3/2e/ d/B/|"Bm"F2F|"E "EGB|agz/e/|"A "c3|c3/2e/ f/g/| afz/a/|gez/g/|f3/2e/ c/A/|E2C/D/|EAc|abz/a/|"D"f3|f2 f/g/| agf|"B7"a2g/f/|"A"e/c2A/|"F#"d2c/d/|"Bm"c3/2B/ d/c/|"E "e2c|"A "A3-|A2||E/E/| "A"EFA|cGA|e3|e2f/g/|agz/f/|edz/c/|"E"eG2-|G2E/E/| EG3/B/|d^AB|"Bm"f3|f2B/c/|def|"E"ag3/e/|"A"c3-|c2E/E/| EFA|cGA|e3|e2f/g/|aga|ba3/e/|"D"f3|f2f/g/| agf|"B7"a2g/f/|"A"efg|"F#"f2c|"Bm"e3/2d/ f/d/|"E"c2c|"A"A3-|A3/|]

APPLE BLOSSOM WALTZ.Canadian, Western Canadian, waltz. A major. Standard tuning (fiddle). Composed by Andy DeJarlis.

Additional notes

Recorded sources : - London M-17414, Andy DeJarlis "Apple Blossom Waltz" (1971 -- 45 rpm). Re-issued on LP London EBX 4195, Andy DeJarlis - "Waltzing at his Best" (1975). MCA 7014, Don Messer "A Tribute to Manitoba's Golden Boy Andy DeJarlis" (1971). Galaxy Records, Victor Pasowisty - "40 Minutes of Waltzes" (197?).

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