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X:1 T:Arthur Bignold of Lochrosque C:John MacColl M:2/4 L:1/8 R:March K:Amix a/>f/|e>A c>B|A/>c/a/>f e/>A/c|d>G B>A|G/>B/g/>e/ dc/>d/| e>A c>B|A/>c/a/>f/ e/>A/d|c<ec/ B/<d/G/>B/|A2 A:| |:c/>d/|ea ca|A/>c/a/>f/ e/>A/c|dg Bg|G/>B/g/>e/ dc/>d/| ea ca|A/>c/a/>f/ e/>A/d|c<ec/ B/<d/G/>B/|A2A:| |:e|AA/>c/ e/>A/c|A/>c/a/>f/ ed/<c/|G/>G/G/>B/ d/G/B|G/>B/g/>e/ dc/c/ e/>A/c|A/>c/a/>f/ e/>A/d|c/ec/ B/<d/G/>B/|A2 A:| |:c/>d/|e/<a/c/<a/ AA/>c/|e/>d/c/<d/ e/>A/c|d/<g/B/<g/ G/>G/G/>B/|d/>c/B/<e/ d/>G/B| |1 e/<a/c/>a/ AA/>c/|e/>d/c/<d/ e/>A/d|c/ec/ B/<d/G/>B/|A2 A:| |2 A/>B/c/>d/ c/<e/A/>c/|d/<f/c/<e/ e/>A/d|c/ec/ B/<d/G/>B/|A2 A||

ARTHUR BIGNOLD OF LOCHROSQUE. AKA - "Arthur Bignald of Lochrosque." Scottish, March (2/4 time). A Mixolydian. AABBCCDD’. Composed by highland piper John MacColl (1860-1943), "The Oban Piper", renowned for his 2/4 marches. Sir Arthur Bignold's resided at Lochrosque Lodge, near Achnasheen, Ross-shire. He was a Member of Parliament and also the Chief of the Gaelic Society of Inverness in 1901 and 1902.

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Printed sources : - Cranford (The Cape Breton Highland Collection), 2015; No. 73, p. 38. Logan's Collection of Highland Bagpipe Music, Book 3, c. 1906; No. 41, p. 27. Martin (Ceol na Fidhle, vol. 4), 1991; p. 30.

Recorded sources : - Beltona 78 RPM 2439, Jimmy Shand. Canadian Broadcasting Corporation ‎LM470, Peter & Kenny Chaisson - "Atlantic Fiddling" (1979).

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