Annotation:Atkins Polka (4)

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X:1 T:Atkin's Polka No.4 R:Polka M:2/4 L:1/16 Z:Transcribed by Bruce Osborne K:D A2|ffff f2e2|(3efe d2 A4|cccc c2B2|(3BcB A2 F4| ffff f2e2|(3efe d2 A4|cccc c2fe|d2f2 d2:| |:f2|f2e2 d2F2|(3BcB A2 A4|G2E2 c3c|B2A2 f3f| f2e2 d2F2|(3BcB A2 A4|G2E2 c3c|d2f2 d2:||

ATKINS POLKA #4. Canadian, Polka (2/4 time). D Major. Standard tuning (fiddle). AB. Popularized by radio and TV fiddler Don Messer and his group The Islanders. The tune was in the repertoire of Grant Lamb (b. 1915), former Manitoba champion fiddler, who sometimes called it "Cinnamon."

Additional notes

Printed sources : - Messer (Way Down East), 1948; No. 46. Messer (Anthology of Favorite Fiddle Tunes), 1980; No. 90, p. 60.

Recorded sources : - Voyager 312, "Grant Lamb: Manitoba Fiddler."

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