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X: 1 T: da Auld Resting Chair C: Tom Anderson R: air Z: John Chambers <> M: C L: 1/8 K: G D2 \ | "G"B3 c "D"A3 B | "G"G2 D2 B,2 G,2 | "C"C2 A2 "G"B,2 G2 | "A7"^CE AG "D"F2 D2 | "G"B3 c "D"A3 B | "G"G2 D2 B,2 G,2 | "C"C2 A2 "D7"D2 F2 | "G"G6 :|d2 | "D7"cB AG "G"g3 d | "C"e2 g2 "G"d2 B2 | "C"c3 d "G"B2 G2 | "A7"E2 AG "D"F2 D2 | "D7"cB AG "G"g3 d | "C"e2 g2 "G"d2 B2 | "C"c2 de "D7"d2 F2 | "G"G6 ||d2 | "D7"cB AG "G"g3 d | "C"e2 g2 "G"d2 B2 | "C"c3 d "G"B2 G2 |"A7"^CE AG "D"F2 D2| "G"B3 c "D"A3 B | "G"G2 D2 B,2 G,2 | "C"C2 A,2 "D7"D2 F2 | "G"G6 |]

AULD RESTIN' CHAIR, DA. AKA - "Resting Chair (The)." Shetland, Slow Air (4/4 time). B Minor. Standard tuning (fiddle). Composed by the Shetland teacher, collector, composer and fiddler wikipedia:Tom_Anderson_(fiddle) (1910-1991), in memory of his grandfather, who first taught him the instrument. There is a photograph of Anderson's grandparents in Anderson & Swing's Haand Me Doon da Fiddle, along with the note:

Dis is a slow air o' me ain at I composed in 1968 whin I fan at Hamnavoe, whaur me grandfather bedd, da brucks o' da auld resting chair dat he sat upo whin he wis learnin me ta play da fiddle.

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