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X:1 T:Baden Baden Polka M:2/4 L:1/8 R:Polka B:Howe - Musician's Omnibus No. 1 (1863, p. 57) Z:AK/Fiddler's Companion K:D A|Ad {e}d/c/d|eA {B}A/^G/A|[ce]A [eg]A|[gb][fa] [f/a/][e/g/][df]| Ad {e}d/c/d|eA {B}A/^G/A|[ce]A [eg]A|[df][d/f/][A/e/] [F2d2]|| |:e/d/|ce ac'|c'b/a/ ^gf|fe {f}e/^d/e|fe {f}e/^d/e| ce ac'|c'b/a/ ^gf|f/e/^d/e/ f/e/c'/b/|b/a/c'/b/ aa| c'z c'[gb]|[gb][fa] {b}[f/a/][e/g/][df]|[ca]z [ca][eg]|[eg][df] {g}[d/f/][A/e/] [Fd]| c'z c'[gb]|[gb][fa] {b}[f/a/][e/g/][df]|ec'/b/ a/g/B/c/|d[Af][Fd]| K:G d|gB fe|ed {e}d/c/B|A/c/f/a/c'f|a/g/{a}g/f/ gd| gd fe|ed {e}d/c/B|A/c/f/a/ c'f|a/g/{a}g/f/ g:|| f/g/|bf {a}ge|bf {a}ge| bf {a}ge|bz [=c2d2f2a2]| gB fe|ed {e}d/c/B|A/c/f/a/ c'f|a/g/{a}g/f/ g||

BADEN BADEN POLKA. AKA and see "Opera Polka." Polka (2/4 time). D Major (first and second parts) & G Major (third and fourth parts). Standard tuning (fiddle). ABCBCD. The tune is usually known as "Opera Polka" and dates to the mid-1840's. Baden-Baden is a German spa town. "Baden Baden Polka", is the first figure in Boston publisher Elias Howe's Military Polka Quadrille. It is usually attributed to Philippe Musard (1793-1859) (although he is sometimes listed as the arranger not the composer), and was first published around 1845. The tune also appears in the mid-1860's music manuscript collection of Idaho miner and musician Peter Beemer [1].

The cover for the c. 1845 sheet music for the Baden Baden Polka.

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Printed sources : - Elias Howe (Musician's Omnibus No. 1), 1863; p. 57.

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