Barbara Magone's Visit

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X: 17 % T:Babara Magone's Visit M:C L:1/8 C:Brenda Stubbert S:Strathsphey & Reel Society of New Hampshire 8.6 R:Strathspey K:G B/2|"Am"c>BA<G A>e e/2f/2g|"G"B>AB<G "C"c>A"G"B<G|"Am"c>BA<G A>e e/2f/2g |"G"d<Bg>B "Am"A/2A/2A A :|b/2|"Am"a>ge<d e>fg<a|"G"g>ed>B G>AB<G| "Am"a>ge<d e>fg>a|"Em"g>fe<d "Am"e2 (3efg|"Am"a>ge<d e>fg<a| "G"g>ed>B G>AB<G|"Am"c>A"G"B<G "F"A>Bc>e|"Em"d<Bg>B "Am"A/2A/2A A||!

BARBARA MAGONE'S VISIT. Canadian, Strathspey. Canada, Cape Breton. A Dorian. Standard tuning (fiddle). AAB. A modern compostion by Cape Breton fiddler Brenda Stubbert (b. 1959, Point Aconi, Cape Breton), in honor of American pianist Barbara Magone.

Additional notes

Source for notated version: -

Printed sources : - Cranford (Brenda Stubbert's Collection), 1994; No. 4, p. 2.

Recorded sources: - Celestial Entertainment CECS001, Brenda Stubbert - "In Jig Time!" (1995).

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