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X:1 T:Barcelona M:9/8 L:1/8 R:Country Dance B:John Young - Second Volume of the Dancing Master (1710, p. 56) Z:AK/Fiddler's Companion K:Gmin G2g f2e|d/e/fd|c2d edc dcB|A2A cBA BAG|D2G ^F/G/AF G2A| B2B BAG d2A|B2b BAG d2A|d2=e fed ^c/d/=ec|d2D ^F2A d3|| d2f fgf fga|b2f fgf fdB|A2c cdc cd=e|e2c cdc cBA| B2B B>G Gc=B|c2d edc dG=B|c2d cBA BGe|dg^f g3-g2||

BARCELONA. English, Country Dance Tune (9/8 time). G Minor. Standard tuning (fiddle). AB. The melody appears in all four editions of London publisher John Young's Second Volume of the Dancing Master [1] (1710-1728). It also was published in Walsh & Randall's New Country Dancing Master, Second Book (1710), and in the Walsh's (father and son) three editions of the Second Book of the Compleat Country Dancing-Master (1719, 1735, 1749).

Additional notes

Printed sources : - Offord (John of the Green: Ye Cheshire Way), 1985; p. 84.

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