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X:1 T:Barley Mow [3] M:6/4 L:1/8 N:”Longways for as many as will.” B:John Walsh – Complete Country Dancing-Master, Volume the Fourth B: (London, 1740, No. 146) Z:AK/Fiddler’s Companion K:Bb d2|B4F2B4c2|(d6 d4)e2|f2e2B2 (e2d2)B2|(c2F4) F4f2| (d2c2)B2 e4f2|g6 g4g2|_a2g2f2 c2f2e2 |(f6f4)|| g2|c4f2c4d2|(e6e4)f2|(g2G2)G2 (c2d2)e2|(A6 A4)c2| d4B2 e4c2|f4d2 (g2a2)f2|(b6 b4)_a2|g2_a2b2 f4e2| e6(g4f2)|f6 d2e2f2|c2d2e2 c4B2|B2 (b4b4)||

BARLEY MOW [3]. English, Country Dance Tune (6/4 or 6/8 time). B Flat Major. Standard tuning (fiddle). AB.

Additional notes

Printed sources : - Barlow (The Complete Country Dance Tunes from Playford's Dancing Master), 1985; No. 382, p, 90. Elias Howe (Musician’s Omnibus Nos. 6 & 7), Boston, 1880-1882; p. 614. Henry Playford (Dancing Master, Part II (additional pages, 9C) (1698). Walsh (The Compleat Country Dancing Master), 1719; p. 255. Walsh (Complete Country Dancing-Master, Volume the Fourth), London, 1740; No. 146.

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