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X:1 T:Battle Abbey M:3/8 L:1/8 R:Waltz B:A Young Lady – “A Collection of Country Dances and Waltzes” (c. 1797, No. 11, p. 15) N:According to a Ms. note on the Royal Academy of Music Library copy, the N:composer is Miss Newberry B: Z:AK/Fiddler’s Companion K:E V:1 G B/A/G/F/|EEe|cce|BBe|def|fga|{a}gfe|fdB|G B/A/G/F/|EEe| cce|BBe|def|fga|g b/a/g/f/|e3::bee|dbb|acc|Bgb|fAA| Gee|dfe|{e}dcB|be/g/b/g/|dbb|ac/e/a/e/|Bgg|fA/c/f/c/|Gee|dcd|e3:| V:2 clef=bass E,G,B,|E,G,B,|A,CE|G,B,E|F,B,D|F,B,D|E,G,B,|B,,F,B,|E,G,B,|E,G,B,| A,CE|G,B,E|F,B,D|F,B,D|E,B,E|E,3:: ,|[E2G2B2][EGB]| [D2F2B2][DFB]|[C2A2][CA]|[B,2G2][B,G]|[A,2F2][D,B,]| E,G,B,|B,,F,B,|B,,F,B,|[E2G2B2][EGB]| [D2F2B2][DFB]|[C2A2][CA]| [B,2G2][B,G]|[A,2F2][D,B,]|E,G,B,|B,,F,B,|[E,3G,3B,3]:|

Battle Abbey, Sussex. Engraved for The Universal Magazine of Knowledge and Pleasure, published London, 1760, by John Hinton.
BATTLE ABBEY. English, Waltz (3/8 time). E Major (fiddle). AABB. "Battle Abbey" is a waltz contained in a small volume of original tunes entitled A Collection of Country Dances and Waltzes (c. 1797), composed anonymously by "A Young Lady", however, according to a Ms. note on the Royal Academy of Music Library copy, the composer was a Miss Newberry. Since many of the titles are named for Sussex and its locales, it can be assumed Miss Newberry was a resident of the county.

wikipedia:Battle_Abbey is the name of a ruined Benedictine Abbey built on the location of the Battle of Hastings 1066. In 1070, Pope Alexander II ordered the Normans to do penance for killing so many people during their conquest of England. In response, William the Conqueror vowed to build an abbey where the Battle of Hastings had taken place, with the high altar of its church on the supposed spot where King Harold fell in that battle.

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Printed sources : - A Young Lady (A Collection of Country Dances and Waltzes), c. 1797; No. 11, p. 15

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