Annotation:Bearna 'n Aonaig

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X:1 T:Bearna 'n Aonaig T:The Custom Gap M:2/4 L:1/8 R:Slow Reel B:Frank Roche - Collection of Irish Traditional Music vol. 1 (1912, No. 146, p. 58) K:DDor A,DDE|F2 FG|AcGc|Ad d2|A,DDE|F3 (3ded|cAGE|FDEC| A,DDE|F2 FG|AcGc|Add>e|fdec|d2 dc|AcGA|ED D2|| d2 dB|c2 cA|d2 dB|cA GE|d2 dB|c2 cA|GE c>E|ED D2| d2 dB|c2 cA|d2 dB|cAA>g|fdec|d2 dc|AcGA|ED D2||

The Irish name "Bearna 'n Aonaigh" literally means "Gap of the Fair (or Market)," a translation of the English name "The Custom Gap." Both titles are given in the Roche Collection. See Custom Gap (The) for more on the meaning of the phrase.

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