Annotation:Beethoven's Favorite Waltz

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X: 10342 T: BEETHOVEN'S FAVORITE WALTZ C: %R: waltz B: Elias Howe "The Musician's Companion" Part 1 1842 p.34 #2 S:'s_Companion_(Howe,_Elias) Z: 2015 John Chambers <> M: 3/4 L: 1/8 K: G Bc|dBG2Bc|dBG2gf|e2e2e2|e3d cB|A2A2A2|d3c BA|GF GB AF|G4:| |:df|g2g2a2|g2g2a2|g2a2b2|afd2ef|gf gd fd|gf gd fd|g2 dc BA|G4:| |:GB|d2d^c dc|dB ed cB|A2A2d2|B2z2GB|d2d^c dc|dB ed cB|A2AG AB|G4:| |:d2|g2g2bg|d2dg dB|G2GF GB|B2A2df|g2g2bg|d2d2gd|Bd GB AF|G4:|

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Recorded sources : - James Bryan and Carl Jones, "Two Pictures," Martin MAR2001 (1995)

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