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X:1 T:Biddy of Sligo R:Jig M:6/8 L:1/16 K:D |:fe|d4A2 A2F2A2|B2G2B2 A2f2e2|d4A2 A2F2A2|g6 f4e2| d4A2 A2F2A2|B2G2B2 A4f2|a2b2a2 a2g2e2|e6 d4:| |:a2|f2a2a2 b4a2|f2a2a2 b4a2|f2a2a2 f2a2a2|e4f2 g2f2e2| f2a2a2 b4a2|f2a2a2 b4a2|a2b2a2 a2g2f2|e6 d4:||

BIDDY OF SLIGO. AKA and see "Arra Kitty Be Easy," "Ballahaboy Fair," "Biddy from Sligo," "Katty O'Lynch," "Kitty O'Lynn." Irish, Double Jig (6/8 time). D Major. Standard tuning (fiddle). AABB (Jarman, Kennedy, Kerr): AA'BB' (Songer). As "Biddy from Sligo" it is a popular jig in County Donegal. It was recorded by fiddler Néillidh Boyle in 1937.

Additional notes
Source for notated version : - Sean Smyth (Ireland) via Dan Compton (Portland, Oregon) [Songer].

Printed sources : - Jarman (Old Time Fiddlin' Tunes); No. or p. 18. Kennedy (Fiddlers Tune Book, vol. 2), 1951; No. 37. Kerr (Merry Melodies, vol. 1), c. 1880's; No. 6, p. 36. Songer (Portland Collection), 1997; p. 28 (appears as "Biddy from Sligo").

Recorded sources : - Bellbridge Records, Bobby Casey - "Casey in the Cowhouse" (1992. Originally recorded 1959). Cairdeas na bhFidiléirí CNF 007, Néillidh Boyle - "A Feeling in the Blood. Traditional Fiddle Music from Donegal" (2010. Compilation recording). Sean Smyth - "The Blue Fiddle" (appears under the title "Soweto Slide").

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