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BIGGEST PRICK IN THE NEIGHBORHOOD. AKA - "Biggest Prick in Town (The)." American, Reel (cut time). The title appears in a list of Ozarks Mountains fiddle tunes compiled by folklorist Vance Randolph and printed in Midwest Folklore (Summer 1954, vol. IV: pp. 81-86). Although the editors censored some of his more risqué titles, the let this one alone. Randolph later wrote[1]:

Lon Jordon of Farmington, Ark., in 1941, played an old favorite he called "Biggest Prick in the Neighborhood." Seven years later, at Eureka Springs, Ark., I heard the same tune played by A.L. Pierce, of Newton County, Ark. "What's the name of the tune?" I asked him. Pierce said it was just an old hoe-down, and that he never heard the name for it. But finally he grinned a little. "If you must know," said he, "the boys used to call it "The Biggest Prick in Town."

Examples of other "unprintable" Ozarks tune titles Randolph collected were "Fucking Bull" (eastern Oklahoma, 1950) and "Fucking in the Goober Patch" (near Day, Missouri, 1940).

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