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X: 1 T: Bill McEvoy's [2] R: reel M: 4/4 L: 1/8 K: Gmaj DGBd g3 e|=fdcB A=FFF|D=FFF dFcF|BGAF DGGG| DGBd ggge|=fdcB A=FFF|D=FFF dFcF|1 BGAF DGGG:|2 BGAF DGBd|| |:g2 bg dgbg|fgag fdef|g2 bg dgbg|agfd ggga| bggg agfd|gbag fdcA|DGBd gbag|1 fdcA BGBd:|2 fdcA BGGG||

BILL McEVOY'S NO. 2. Irish, Reel. A second reel composed by Nenagh, County Tipperary, fiddler and whistle player Seán Ryan (1919-1985) in honor of McEvoy (see "Bill McEvoys (1)" for more information).

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Printed sources : - Ryan (The Hidden Ireland), p. 38.

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