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X:1 T:Billy Wilson [2] N:From the playing of Uncle Jimmy Thompson (1848-1931, N:Texas and Smith County, Tennessee) M:C| L:1/8 R:Reel Q:"Fast" D:Juneberry CD-4009, Uncle Jimmy Thompson - Classics of Old-Time Music vol. 9 D:Columbia 15118 (78 RPM), Uncle Jimmy & Eva Thompson (1926) D: D: Z:Transcribed by Andrew Kuntz K:A (3efg|a2g2a2ea|fedf edcA|B2[E2B2] [EB]GGB|[M:3/2]ABcd [e6e6] (3efg| [M:C|] a2g2a2ea|fedf edcA|B2[E2B2] BGBd|1[M:3/2]cABG A2 [A4e2]:|2 cABG [A8A8]|| |: [M:C|][E6A6]-[EA]E|[F6A6]Ad|cdea gbeg|aagb a4| [E6A6]-[EA]G|[F4A4]-[FA]cBA|GABd cABG|1A2 AB A4:|2A2 A4|| |:(3abc'|[M:3/2]e'2[A2e2]e2[A2e2] [c2e2]cg |[M:C|]fedf edcA|B2E2 EGG[GB]|ABcA [A2e2] (3abc'| [M:3/2]e'2[Ae][Ae][A2e2][A2e2][c2e2]cg |[M:C|]fedf edcA|B2E2 EGBd|cABG [A2A2][A4A4]:| |:(3Bcd-|[M:2/4][e2e2])[e2e2]|[M:C|] ecea ecAa| fdfa fdBa|[B2g2][B2g2] gbeg|a2(3bag aece| ecea ecAa|fdfa fdfa|[B2g2][B4g4] eg|a2(3bag a2:|

BILLY WILSON [2]. AKA - "Bill Wilson," "Old Bill Wilson." Old-Time, Breakdown. USA; Texas, Tennessee. The tune is related to the Texas fiddle favorite "Bull at the Wagon" and the West Virginia tune "Red Bird (2)." Texas fiddler Eck Robertson used parts of this tune in the beginning of his amalagmated tune named "Brilliancy" (his extended piece, "Brilliancy Medley" also later on includes "Billy Wilson (1)"). "Bill Wilson" is one of four sides recorded by 77 yr. old Texas/Tennessee fiddler Uncle Jimmy Thompson for Columbia (15118-D) in 1929. See note for "annotation:Billy Wilson (1)" for more.

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Recorded sources: -Columbia 15118 (78 RPM), Uncle Jimmy Thompson (1926). County 542, Uncle Jimmy Thompson - "Nashville, Early String Bands, vol. 2." Juneberry CD-4009, Uncle Jimmy Thompson - "Classics of Old-Time Music vol. 9."

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