Black Hawk Waltz (2)

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X:4 T:Black Hawk Waltz % NFF Book 2019 C:Mary E Walsh, pub 1877 S:collected from Tom Walsh, Trentham, Vic S:collected by Dave de Hugard N:Original available from Lester S Levy Collection of Sheet Music O:Australia, Vic, Trentham R:Waltz M:3/4 L:1/8 K:D P:ABACDA |:"D"f2z2z2|f2z2z2|f2A2f2|"A7"[E2e2]z2z2|e2z2z2|e2z2z2|e2A2e2|"D"[d2F2]"Fine"z2z2:| "D"AAA2B2|A2d2f2|AAA2B2|A2d2f2|"A7"[A4f4]ee|[A4f4]ee|"D"[F4A4f4]dd| "D"AAA2B2|A2d2f2|AAA2B2|A2d2f2|"A7"[A4f4]ee|[A4f4]ee|"D"d3dd2|d6|| K:G "G"B2c3^c|d2e3B|"D7"d2c3B|c6|"D7"F2G3^G|A2B3F|"G"A2G3E|D2z2z2| "G"B2c3^c|d2e3B|"D7"d2c3B|c6|"D7"c2B3A|G2F3E|"G"D2B3A|G6|| "G"b2c'3^c'|d'2e'3b|"D7"d'2c'3b|[c6c'6]|"D7"f2g3^g|a2b3f|"G"a2g3e|[G2d2]z4| "G"b2c'3^c'|d'2e'3b|"D7"d'2c'3b|[c6c'6]|"D7"c'2b3a|g2f3e|"G"d2b3a|[G6g6]|| K:D |:"D"[FA][FA] [F2A2]f2|[FA][FA] [F2A2]f2|[FA][FA] [F2A2]f2|"A7"[Ff][Ff][F2f2][E2e2]|[EGA][EGA][E2G2A2][E2e2]| [EGA][EGA][E2G2A2][E2e2]|[EAG][EAG][E2A2G2][E2e2]|1"D"[EAe][EAe][E2A2e2][F2A2d2]:|2"D"[D6F6A6d6]|| K:G |:"G"d2B4|d2B4|d2B2b2|"D7"a4g2|g2f4|f2e4|e2d2c2|"G"^A4B2| "G"d2B4|d2B4|d2B2b2|"D7"a4g2|fed cBA|GFE DEF|"G"[B,4D4G4][B,2D2G2]|"DC al Fine"[B,6D6G6]:|

BLACK HAWK WALTZ [2]. American, Waltz (3/4 time). Composed by Mary E. Walsh and was published in New York by the Conservatory Publication Society, Broadway & 37th St., in 1902. The tune has been recorded on a number of 78 RPM recordings. A different tune than "Black Hawk Waltz (1)."

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