Annotation:Blazing Star Schottische

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X:1 T:Blazing Star Schottische N:From the playing of Lynn "Chirps" Smith (b.1952), who learned the N:tune from Charlie Full (Illinois) M:C L:1/8 R:Quadrille D:Lynn Smith - "Prairie Dog" (1981) D: Z:Transcribed by Andrew Kuntz K:C C>DE>G A2c2|C>Ac>A g2 ^fg|a2B2 BABA|a2g2 gfeg| C>DE>G A2c2|C>Ac>A g2 ^fg|a2B2 BABc|1d2c2[E4c4]:|2 d2c2[E2c2]|| |:ef|g2e'2e'2d'2|c'aef g2^fg|a2B2 BABA|a2g2 gfef| g2e'2e'2d'2|c'aef g2^fg|a2B2 BABc|1d2c2[E2d2]:|2d2c2[E4c4]||

BLAZING STAR SHOTTISCHE. American, Schottische (cut time). C Major. From the playing of Lynn "Chirps" Smith, who learned it from Illinois fiddler Learnie Everett Fulk (1905-1984) who lived in Olney, Richland Co, IL.

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Recorded sources - Marimac Recordings, Lynn "Chirps" Smith - "Prairie Dog" (1991).

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