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X:1 T:Boatin' up Sandy [4] S:Tony Alderman & Charlie Bowman with the Hill Billies M:C| L:1/8 F: D:Document DOCD 8040 - The Hillbillies vol. 2 Z:Transcribed by Andrew Kuntz K:A [e3e3][ef][e2e2][e2e2]-|[ee]ecA BABc|+slide+[e2e2]cB A2AF|EFAc BAA2:| [c3e3]([=ce][^c2e2])[ce]F|AAcA BAFF|ABcB A2FD|EFAc- cB A2| [c3e3]([=ce][^c2e2])[ce]F|ABcA BAFA|ABcB A2FD|EFAc (BA) A2||

BOATIN' UP SANDY [4]. AKA and see "Going Down the River," "Little Dog Trottin' Down the River," "Sandy River (2)." American, Reel (cut time). A Major. Standard or AEae tuning (fiddle). AABB. The tune was recorded for Brunswick Records in 1926 by the group Al Hopkins & His Buckle Busters AKA The Hillbillies, featuring the twin fiddling of Tony (Elvis) Alderman and Charlie Bowman, recorded with dance calls (occasionally sung). The tune was later recorded by the Arkansas group Dr. Smith's Champion Hoss Hair Pullers, released in 1929 by Victor records, albeit under the title "Going Down the River." Richard Blaustein recorded brothers George and Lloyd Payne in 1978 playing the tune (as "Sandy River (2)"), at George's home in Jonesborough, Washington County, Tennessee. The Payne brothers originally came from the Paint Creek community in Greene County, Tennessee, not far from fiddler biography:Dedrick Harris's home in Flag Pond, Unicoi Co, Tennessee. Blaustein notes that they played music with him occasionally when they were young. The Helton brothers, Osey and Ernest, from western North Carolina also played the tune as "Sandy River," and were also known to have been influenced by Dedrick Harris.

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Printed sources : - Stephen F. Davis (The Devil's Box), vol. 31, No. 1, Spring 1997; p. 44.

Recorded sources : - Brunswick 182-A (78 RPM), Al Hopkins & His Buckle Busters (1926). Document DOCD 8040, "The Hillbillies: Al Hopkins & His Buckle Busters, vol. 2 (1926-27)" (2000). Library of Congress AFS 4806-A-2, 1941, Western N.C. fiddlers Osey and Ernest Helton (as "Sandy River").

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