Annotation:Bold Val O'Hara (The)

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X:1 % T:Bold Val O'Hara (The) M:2/4 L:1/8 K:Cdor (3C/D/F/|GG/A/ B/G/A/B/|cd cB/G/|F/D/C DC|C2 C|| F|GG/B/ cc/d/|ed/c/ dc|cB/G/ BG|G3F| GG/B/ cc/d/|ed/c/ dc|c/B/G BG|G3 D/4C/4D/4F/4| GG/A/ B/G/A/B/|cd cB/G/|F/D/C DC|C3||

BOLD VAL O'HARA. Irish, Air (2/4 time). C Dorian. Standard tuning (fiddle). AB. See note for "annotation:Valentine O’Hara" for more on this Irish highwayman.

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Printed sources : - Joyce (Old Irish Folk Music and Songs), 1909; No. 644, p. 326.

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