Bonaparte's March (2)

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X:1 T:Bonaparte's Grand March M:4/4 L:1/8 S:Sergt. James O'Neill B:O'Neill - Waifs and Strays of Gaelic Melody No. 59 R:March K:D A2|d2 d>d d2 A/2B/2c/2d/2|e2 e>e e2 de|f2 e>f g2 f2|e2 e>e e2 A2| d>dA>A F>FA>A|d>dA>A F>FA>A|d3 f edef|d2 d>d d2|| f2|e>dc>B A>Bc>A|d>cd>e d>ef>d|e>dc>B A>Bc>A|d>cd>e d>ef>d B2 g>g g2 B2|A2 f>f f2 af|e2 e2 e>de>f|d2 d>d d2|| f>g|a2 a2 b2 b2|a3 g f2 a2|g2 g2 f2 af|e>de>f e2 ef| g2 g/2f/2e/2d/2 c2 A2|a>af>f d2 A2|f2 fa gfed|a2 a>a a2||

BONAPARTE'S MARCH [2]. AKA and see "Bonaparte's Grand March," "Buonoparte's March," "Hanoverian March," "Napoleon's March," "Napoleon's Grand March." Irish, English; March (cut time). G Major. Standard tuning (fiddle). AABBC. No resemblance to version #1. As "Napoleon('s March)" it was played in an 1884 Melbourne, Australia, concert given by Irish uilleann piper John Coughlin, records Francis O'Neill (1913). See note for "Buonoparte's March" for discussion.

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Printed sources : - Carlin (Master Collection of Dance Music for the Violin), 1984; No. 298, p. 167.

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