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X: 1 T:Bonnie Anne [1] R:reel D:The Magic Square: Traditional Irish Music from Boston Z:transcribed by Dave Marshall M:C| K:D |: f2ed cAAB | cAdB cAA2 | f2ed cAAB | cAGE EDD2 | f2ed cAAB | cAdB cAGE | D2 (3EFG Acdc | ABGE EDD2 :| |: A~d3 defg | a2fa gfec | dAFA defd | ~=c3G EFGB | A~d3 defg | a2fa g2fg | afge dfed |1 cAGE DEFG :|2 cAGE EDD2 ||

BONNIE ANN(IE) [1] (Áine Bhóidheach). AKA and see "Miss Pierce's Reel." Irish, Reel. D Major. Standard tuning (fiddle). AABB. "Bonnie Ann (1)" is a well-known session tune in Irish traditional music. The tune's title appears in a list of tunes in his repertoire brought by Philip Goodman, the last professional and traditional piper in Farney, Louth, to the Feis Ceoil in Belfast in 1898 (Breathnach, 1997), although several "Bonnie/Bonny Ann(e)" tunes exist and the piper's tune may refer to another of that name.

Brendan Breathnach printed the tune in his 1985 CRE III collection, but had previously printed an unrelated "Bonnie Annie" tune in his CRÉ I (1963, No. 107) under one of its Irish names, "Ríl Cam (An)" or "Crooked Reel (The). See "Bonnie Annie (3)" in this index for that tune.

Seán Keane referenced a tune by the name of "Bonnie Annie", together with "Jinnie Bang the Weaver," were called "Longford Reels (The)," however, Keane's recording was influential, and the tune is sometimes called "Seán Keane's Reel", according to Sliabh Notes box player Dónal Murphy (notes to Ossian OSS CD 130, "Along Blackwater's Banks", 2002). However, although Keane recorded this "Bonnie Ann (1)" tune, Fr. John Quinn (originally from County Longford) believes the Longford "Bonnie Annie" refers to the unrelated "Bonnie Annie (3)", which he transcribed from the playing of Jim Donlon of Aughaloughan, Lanesborough, and which is a cognate with "Follow Me Down to Carlow (1)." Further, Fr. Quinn believes Keane's "Bonnie Ann (1)" to be an Ulster tune derived from "Miss Pierce's Reel", printed in Canon James Goodman's mid-19th century manuscript collection. Researcher Conor Ward finds another cognate in the c. 1950 music manuscript of fiddler Alex Sutherland of Drumreilly, County Leitrim, under the title "Shannon Breeze (The)."

Additional notes
Source for notated version : - fiddler Seán Keane (Ireland) [Breathnach]; set dance music recorded at Na Píobairí Uilleann in the late 1980's [Taylor].

Printed sources : - Breathnach (CRÉ III), 1985; No. 150, p. 70. Taylor (Music for the Sets: Blue Book), 1995; p. 5. Treoir, 1x, 1.

Recorded sources : - Claddagh Records CC17, Seán Keane - "Gusty's Frolics" (1975. Learned from two uncles on Keane's mother's side, James Hanley and Peter Farrell). Compass 7 4437 2, Téada - "Inné Amárach" (2006). Ossian OSS CD 130, Sliabh Notes - "Along Blackwater's Banks" (2002).

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