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X:1 T:Bonnie Blue Waltz S:Dick Burnett (, Monticello, Ky.) M:3/4 L:1/8 D:Document DOCD-8025, "Burnett & Rutherford: Complete Recorded Works." N:The waltz was recorded in January, 1929, for Gennett Records, in N:Atlanta, Ga., but was unissued by Gennett. The master was N:obtained and later issued on Document Records. N:Ky. musician Dick Burnett is playing fiddle on the recording, N:backed by Oscar Ruttledge on guitar. F: Z:Transcribed by Andrew Kuntz K:C [c2e2]-|[e4g4][eg][e^f]|[e4g4] [eg][e^f]|[e2g2]e2c2|G2A2c2|g4gf| g2a2b2|c'2b2a2|g2e2c2|+slide+[e4g4][eg][e^f]|[e4g4] [eg][e^f]| [e2g2]e2c2|G2A2c2|g4gf|g2a2b2|c'4[Ec]d|[E4c4]:| |:EF|G2^F2G2|A2G2E2|G2c2c2|+slide+[e6e6]|g3a ge| B4AB|c2BcdB|c4 :||CA,|G,2A,2C2|E2D2C2| G4 GA|G4CA,|G,2A,2B,2|C2G2D2|B,4B,C| B,4B,A,|G,2B,2D2|A2G2^F2|A4 AG|A4AG|A2B2c2| G2E2C2|E4EF|E4 CA,|G,2A,2CD|E2D2C2|G4 GA|G2E2G2| A2B2c2|G2D2E2|F4FE|F4F2|A2B2c2|A2B2c2| G4GF|E4C2|D2A,2B,2|D2A,2B,2|[C4E4][CE][CE]|[C4E4]||

BONNIE BLUE WALTZ. Old-Time, Waltz (3/4 time). USA, Ky. C Major. Standard tuning (fiddle). The waltz was recorded in January, 1929, for Gennett Records, in Atlanta, Ga., but was unissued by record company for unknown reasons. The master was preserved and later obtained and issued on a Document Records CD in the 1990's. On the recording, east Kentucky musician Dick Burnett (1883-1977) is playing fiddle, backed by Oscar Ruttledge (or Lynn Woodard) on guitar. Researcher Bobby Fulcher says the tune was "a favorite in area coal camps." The title is perhaps a reference to the 'Bonnie Blue Flag' of the Confederacy; at least, the association would have been made. A waltz by this name was also in the repertoire of African-American Kentucky fiddler Cuje Bertram, and can be found on a home tape he made in 1970 for his family (released on Document DOCD 5631).

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