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X:1 T: Boston Two-Step C: N:From Sam Davidson, Belfair, Washington, originally from the Shetland Islands. N:The tune is in the Evergreen Fiddler Tunebook Volume I, published by the N:Washington State Old Time Fiddlers Association in 2005, currently out of print. Z:Stuart Williams, abc's by V.T. Williams M:C| K:A cB|"A"A2c2e2cA|"D"d2f2a2gf|"A"e3cA2c2|"E7"B4B2cB| "A"A2c2e2cA|"D"d2f2a2gf|"A"e3c"E7"d2B2|"A"A4A2:| (3efg|"A"a2A2c2eg|"D"f2d2a2gf|"A"e2ecA2c2|"E7"B4B2(3efg| "A"a2A2c2eg|"D"f2d2a2gf|"A"e3c"E7"d2B2|"A"A2(3efg| "A"a2A2c2eg|"D"f2d2a2gf|"A"e2ecA2c2|"E7"B4B2cB| "A"A2c2e2cA|"D"d2f2a2gf|"A"e3c"E7"d2B2|"A"A4A2|]

BOSTON TWO-STEP. Scottish, Barn Dance (4/4 time). Scotand, Shetland Isles. A Major. Standard tuning (fiddle). AAB. The tune is named for the port of Boston, Lincolnshire, southwest England. The provenance is unknown.

Additional notes
Source for notated version : - Sam Davidson (1914- Belfair, Washington) [Williams]. Davidson was born in the Shetland Islands.

Printed sources : - Stuart Williams (The Evergreen Fiddler vol. 1), 2005; p. 17.

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