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X:1 T:Brahms Polka C:Virg Evans Z:VT Williams M:2/4 L:1/8 K:D A ^GA|"D"[B2=G2][A2F2]|[d2F2][A2F2]|"G"[c2E2][B2G2]-|[BG][BG] [^AG][BG]|"A"[c2G2][B2G2]|[c2G2][B2G2]|"D"[B2=F2][A2^F]-|[AF]A ^GA| [B2=G2][A2F2]|[d2F2][f2d2]|"G"[aB][g3B3]-|[gB]g fe|"D"[dF][A3F3]|"A"[cE][A3E3]|"D"[d4F4]-|[dF]:| |:z[AF][AF]|"A"[AG][BG] [AG][BG]|[A2G2][AG][AG]|"D"[AF][BF] [AF][BF]|[A4F4]|"A"[a2c2][g2B2]|[a2c2][g2B2]|"D"[gB][fA][d2F2]-|[d2F2][AF][AF]| "A"[AG][BG] [AG][BG]|[A2G2][AG][AG]|"D"[AF][BF] [AF][BF]|[A4F4]|"A"[a2c2][g2B2]-|[gB]B [cE]e|"D"[d4F4]-|[dF]:|

Brahms Polka. American, Polka. D Major. Standard tuning. AABB. Based on the first ten measures of Brahms' Hungarian Dance No. 6. As far as anyone knows, former Air Force captain, commercial pilot and California State fiddle champion Virg Evans is the original source for this tune.

Additional notes

Printed sources : - Phillips (Favorite American Polkas and Jigs for Fiddle), pg. 10. Silberberg (Fiddle Tunes I Learned at the Tractor Tavern), p. 16.

Recorded sources : - American Heritage Music Corporaton AH10-345, Virg Evans – "The Flying Fiddler" (1975). Voyager 333, Vivian Williams -- "Starry Nights and Candlelight" (1998).

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