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X:1 T:Brendan McGlinchey's [1] T:Splendid Isolation L:1/8 M:4/4 K:Gdor F|G2AG FGAF|G2AG FGAc|dAcA G2Ac|dgg^f ~g3 a| bggf gfde|~f3 g fdcA|GcAG FGAc|dAcA G3 :|| ^f|~g2ag fd~d2|gfdc Acdc|AG~G2 Acdc|AG~G2 FGAG| DFFD ~F3 D|GcAG FGAc|dg~g2 ^fgag|=fdcA G3 :||

BRENDAN McGLINCHEY'S [1]. AKA and see "McGlinchey's (2)," "Splendid Isolation." Irish, Reel. G Dorian. Standard tuning (fiddle). Composed by Brendan McGlinchey, although originally titled "Splendid Isolation." The tune was recorded by fiddler Kevin Burke on his first album, "Sweeney's Dream", recorded in 1973 in the Meadowlands, New Jersey, not long after his arrival in America. It was not released until 1977, however, when Folkways records acquired the masters.

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