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X:1 T:Bridge of Brechin [1], The M:C| L:1/8 R:Country Dance Tune B:Archibald Duff – Collection of Strathspey Reels &c. (1794, p. 29) Z:AK/Fiddler’s Companion K:Cmin G|c>dcG E2 E>G|B/A/B/c/ BF DFFB|c/B/c/d/ cG E>FGg|ec e/d/c/=B/ cCCG| c>dcG E2 E>G|B/A/B/c/ BF DFFB|c/B/c/d/ cG E>FGg|ec e/d/c/=B/ c2c|| e/d/|cgef g/f/e/d/ cd|Bfde f/e/d/c/ Bd|cgef g/f/e/d/ ce|dB (g/f/).e/.d/ eccG| cgef g/f/e/d/ c2d2|Bfde f/e/d/c/ Bd|ce/c/ df/d/ ce/c/ BG/B/|GE G/F/E/D/ ECC||

BRIDGE OF BRECHIN [1]. Scottish, Country Dance Tune (cut time). C Minor. Standard tuning (fiddle). AB. There have been a series of successive bridges since the year 1220 at the former Royal Burgh of Brechin, Angus, spanning the river Esk. The present two-arch masonry bridge underwent significant rebuilding in 1786 by engineer Alexander Steven, and is substantially the bridge that stands today.
Brechin Bridge over the Southesk, David Waterson (1870–1954)

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Printed sources : - Archibald Duff (Collection of Strathspey Reels &c.), 1794; p. 29.

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