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X:1 T:Bridge of Brechin, The C:Joseph Lowe M:C L:1/16 B: Joseph Lowe - Lowe's Collection of Reels, Strathspeys and Jigs, B:book 6 (1844-45, p. 20) Z:AK/Fiddler’s Companion K:F F2|CF3A3F c3Af3d|{B}c3A BAGF EG3G3A|CF3A3F c3Afd3|c3A BAGF CF3F2:| c2|fa3ga3 f3cdf3|c3F dcBA BG3G3c|fa3ga3 g3cdf3|cf3 efge fF3A3c| (3f2g2a2 (3e2f2g2 (3d2e2f2 (3c2B2A2|(3B2c2d2 (3c2B2A2 BG3G3B|(3A2B2c2 (3c2B2A2 (3B2c2d2 (3d2c2B2|(3d2e2f2 (3e2f2g2 af3f2||

BRIDGE OF BRECHIN [2], THE. Scottish, Strathspey (whole time). F Major. Standard tuning (fiddle). AB (Kerr): AAB (Lowe). One of the better compositions of Biography:Joseph Lowe (1796–1866), a good fiddler, composer and dancing master, who taught dancing at Brechin with his brother Robert. Later Lowe taught at Inverness, before finally moving to Edinburgh. He published a collection in six volumes from 1844-1845. His success among the Highland lairds (to whose families he taught music and dancing) was enhanced by his skills as a wrestler and boxer, and by his fly-fishing acumen--they "would wager upon his head against some of their gillies (young men) on one hand, and ask for some of his nicely-dressed flies on the other" (Baptie Musical Scotland, 1894). Lowe was also the teacher of Scottish dancing and music to the Royal Family in Balmoral and Windsor.

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Printed sources : - Kerr (Merry Melodies, vol. 2), c. 1880's; No. 195, p. 22. Lowe (Lowe's Collection of Reels, Strathspeys, and Jigs, being a new and complete selection of the dancing tunes in their proper keys, as performed at the different assemblies and public meetings throughout Scotland, vol. 6), 1844-45; p. 20.

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