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BRISK YOUNG LAD('S), THE. AKA and see "Brisk Irish Lad," "Mary the Maid," "Bung Your Eye," "Here Comes a Young Man," "Jolly Old Man (The)," "There Came A Young Man," "Traverse the Rough Hills." Irish, English, American; Slide or Jig (12/8 or 6/8 time). USA, New England. G Minor (Raven): A Minor (Cole, Miller & Perron, Tolman). Standard tuning (fiddle). AABB. Composition credited to one Tom Doyle in Ryan's Mammoth Collection. Musician and researcher Don Meade points out that the set dance Hurry the Jug is based on this jig. The tune is also popular in Scotland as a pipe jig where it can be found with a variety of titles: "Big Headed Man (The)" (Fear a' Chinn Mhòir)," "Bride's Jig (The)," "Fear an Dùin-Mhòr" (He of the Big Fort), "Lord Dunmore," "Man with the Big Head (The)," "Mary the Maid," "There Came a Braw Lad to My Daddy's Door," "There came a Young Man," "There was a Young Man," "Traverse the Rough Hills," "Travelling the Rugged Country" (Shiulbhail na Garbhlich). See also the Cape Breton variant "Here Comes a Young Man."

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Recorded sources : - F&W Records 2, "F&W String Band 2." Fretless 200a, Yankee Ingenuity--"Kitchen Junket."

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