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X:2 T:Buachaill Breóite, An M:C L:1/8 R:Air N:First two parts only of long variation sets. S:James Goodman manuscripts (mid-19th century) F: F:at Trinity College Dublin / Irish Traditional Music Archive K:G d|:G/A/B/G/ A>F A>G G>D|G/A/B/G/ A>G d/c/A/G/ F>A| G/A/B/G/ A>G A>G G>A|fa/f/ gf/d/ d/c/A/G/ F>A:| |:BB/G/ c>A d/c/A/G/ GF/D/|BB/G/ c>A d/c/A/G/ F>A| BB/G/ c>A d/c/A/G/ G(c/d/)|fa/f/ gf/d/ d/cA/G/ F>A:||

BUACHAILL DREOITE [1], AN. AKA and see "The Sick Boy." AKA - "An Bouchail Breoighte," "An Buachaill Breóite." Irish; Song Air, Barn Dance, Hornpipe or Fling (4/4 time). G Major. Standard tuning (fiddle). AAB (Mitchell): AABBCCDDEEFFGGHH (Shields/Goodman). The tune bears melodic similarities with "Seán Reid’s Reel" (AKA "West Wind (1) (The)") and the jig "Bímid ag Ól is ag Pógadh na mBan." The melody appears in the mid-19th century music manuscript collection of Church of Ireland cleric James Goodman (1828-1896). Goodman, who spoke Irish and played the uilleann pipes, collected from tradition in Cork and elsewhere in Munster, and obtained tunes from manuscripts and printed sources as well. P.W. Joyce also printed the air in his Old Irish Folk Music and Songs (1909, No. 8) as "An Bouchail Breoighte," saying "From my own memory-as I learned it in childhood" (in Limerick, 1840's). Goodman and Joyce both give "The sick boy" as an alternate title, a reference to lovesickness. There may be some relation to the "Gold Ring (1)" family of tunes. A 6/8 time setting appears as "Buachaill Dreoite (2) (An)."

Additional notes
Source for notated version : - piper Willie Clancy (1918-1973, Miltown Malbay, west Clare) [Mitchell]; Canon James Goodman (County Cork, mid-19th century) [Shields].

Printed sources : - Mitchell (Dance Music of Willie Clancy), 1993; No. 135, p. 107. Hugh Shields (Tunes of the Munster Pipers vol. 1), 1998; No. 227, pp. 92-93 (appears as "An Buachaill Breóite").

Recorded sources : - Columbia 35612, "The Chieftains" (1978).

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