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BUNTER'S DELIGHT, THE. AKA and see "Leather the Wig" ("Plancam Peirbig), "Will You Come Plank Come Plank," "Tarraing go caoin an sgeol." English, Air (9/4 time). D Major. Standard tuning (fiddle). ABC. This is an English version of an Irish tune, states [the sometimes unreliable] Grattan Flood (1906), who finds it published by John Young (London, 1713) and by B. Cooke in 1795. It is also known as "Will you come plank come plank," "Leather the Wig" (Plancam Peirbig), and "Leir-ruatar Whiggiona." Walsh, in his Second Book of the Compleat Dancng Master (London, 1719) prints a 9/4 country dance in Bb major called "Stepney Cakes and Ale" with an alternate title of "The Bunter's Delight." Walsh earlier printed the same tune with the sole title of "The Bunter's Delight" in his New Country Dancing Master 2nd Book (London, 1710). The "Dancing Master" versions begin with the 1st edition of the 2nd volume, issued in London in 1713, continuing in the subsequent volumes until the end of the series with the 3rd edition, published in 1718. By that time the "Dancing Master" volumes had ceased to be published by the Playfords, and instead were printed by John Young, heir to the concern. The title in the Dancing Master is "Bunter's Delight" with "Stepney Cakes and Ale" given as the alternate. In Pepys' day Stepney was renowned for the quality of both its beer and cakes.

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