Bush in the Shucks

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X:1 T:Bush in the Shucks N:From the playing of Benny Thomasson (1909-1984, Dallas-Ft. Worth, Tx.) M:C| L:1/8 R:Reel Q:"Very Quick" N:DDad tuning (fiddle) D:Voyager VRCD 345, Benny Thomasson - "Say Old Man, Can D:You Play the Fiddle?" (1999) D:County Records ‎CD 2737, "Benny Thomasson Legendary Texas Fiddler" (2005) D:https://www.slippery-hill.com/recording/bush-shucks Z:Transcribed by Andrew Kuntz K:D ((3ABc|d2)df- ecBc|d-cdA B-AFA|d2 fd ed (3BcB|AFEF D2 :| |:F2|[FA]-[A3A3] A2F2|(F[A3A3]) E2-F2| [FA]-[A3A3] A2F2|AFEF D2 :| |:F2|AFDF AFDF|AFDF EFDF|AFDF AFDF|AFEF D2:| E2|=F4-^F4|[D,E]-[D,3F3] (3[D,E]FE [D,2D2]|[D,E]-[D,2F2][D,D] [D,E][D,D][D,F][D,D]|AFEF [D,2D2]E2| [D,E]-[D,3F3] [D,2F2][D,2F2]|[D,E]-[D,3F3] (3[D,E]FE [D,2D2]|[D,E]-[D,2F2][D,D] [D,E][D,D][D,F][D,D]|AFEF [D,2D2]||

BUSH IN THE SHUCKS. AKA and see "Chuck in the Bush (2)," "Weber's Drift." Texas-Style, Reel (cut time). DDad tuning (fiddle). John Burke maintains that Luke Thomasson (Dallas, Texas) composed the tune known as "Bush in the Shucks" after a friend named John Bush. The story goes that Bush was observed to be rummaging around in the corn cobs and shucks near the outhouse; the tune commemorates the event. Not to be confused with "Shuck in the Bush," a different tune. "Weber's Drift", also in DDad tuning, is a version.

Additional notes

Recorded sources : - County Records ‎CD 2737, "Benny Thomasson Legendary Texas Fiddler" (2005). Benny Thomasson - "Country Fiddlin' from the Big State" (mistakenly appears as "Dry and Dusty"). Voyager Records VRCD 34, Benny Thommason - "Say Old Man, Can You Play the Fiddle" (1999. has both "Bush in the Shucks" and "Dry and Dusty").

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