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X:1 T:Butcher’s Hornpipe [3], The M:3/2 L:1/4 R:Country Dance B: Young – Second Volume of the Dancing Master, 1st edition (1718, p. 189) K:G G/F/G/A/ Bc d2|e/d/c/B/ c/B/A/G/ FD|Ed Ec DB|DE/F/ GD B,G,:| |:g2 B/c/d gG|c/d/e Aa f2|ec/e/ dB/d/ cA/C/|DG G/A/B/c/ AG:| |:G>A G/A/B/c/ dG|F(A A)B cE|E>F E/F/E/F/ GC|A,D D/E/D/C/ B,G,:|]

BUTCHER'S HORNPIPE [3], THE. English, "Old" or Triple Hornpipe (3/2 time). G Major. Standard tuning (fiddle). ABC. Printed in London in the later Dancing Master vol. 2, editions of 1718 (3rd) and 1728 (4th), by John Young, who had taken over the series from the Playfords; Walsh's Compleat Country Dancing Master (3rd ed., 1735); and Daniel Wright's 24 Country Dances for the Year 1719.

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Printed sources : - John Offord (John of the Green: Ye Cheshire Way), 1985; p. 64. Wright (Wright's Compleat Collection of Celebrated Country Dances), 1740; p. 78. Young (Second Volume of the Dancing Master, 3rd edition), 1718; p. 189.

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