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X:1 T:Jackie Daly's Reel T:Cacodemon, The M:4/4 L:1/8 R:Reel D:Arcady, After the Ball D:Kathryn Tickell Band No. 1 K:Em GF|EGB,^C DEFD|E2 B^c dBAF|EGB,^C D2 CD|B,^CDE FAGF| EBGE DAFD|CGEC B,2 CB,|A,B,CE DEFB|1AFDF E2:|2AFDF E3 A|| Bceg fede|fagf edBA|~G3 A BABc|d^cde dBA=c| BcBG ABAF|GAGE F2 (3A,A,A,|A,B,CE DEFB|AFDF E4:||

CACODEMON, THE. Irish, Reel. Composed by County Cork accordion player Jackie Daly. Cacodemon means 'ill-fated'.

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Recorded sources: - Arcady - "After the Ball" (appears as one of "Jackie Daly's Reels"). Wild Geese - "In Full Flight."

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