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X:1 T:Calhoun Swing S:Melvin Wine (W.Va.) M:C| L:1/8 R:Reel F: N: Z:Transcribed by Andrew Kuntz K:D fg|a2d2 fedf|a2d2 fedf|a2f2 fed([DA]|[DB][DA])[FA][EA] D2fg| a2d2 fedf|a2d2 fedf|a2f2 fed([DA]|[DB][DA])[FA][EA] D2dB|| A2 [FA][EA] [F2A2] dB|A2 [FA][EA] [F2A2] dB|A2 [FA][EA] ([FA][EA])[DA][FA]|[E2A2]([FA][DA]) [D2A2]dB| A2 [FA][EA] [F2A2] dB|A2 [FA][EA] [F2A2] dB|A2 FE (FE)DF|E2(FD) D2fg||

CALHOUN SWING. American, Reel (cut time). D Major. Standard tuning (fiddle). According to Gerry Milnes, source Melvin Wine [2] (1909-2003) [Braxton County, West Virginia] said the tune could be considered a 'clog' (i.e. a tune appropriate for clog dancing) [Beisswenger, Fiddling Way Out Yonder, p. 127), or, when played at a faster tempo, could be a square dance tune. It was one of his favorite tunes (ibid, p. 159), and he said he had learned it from his father, fiddler Bob Wine, although he did not know for sure where his father had learned it. Milnes suggests the source for the Wine family's version was mulatto fiddler Jilly Grace "in the Burnsville area who sometimes played for old-style horse-drawn merry-go-rounds"[1].
Sam Hacker, c. 1940. West Virginia University [1]
The reel was also in the repertoire of another Braxton County fiddler, Sam Hacker (1876-1952[2]) of Little Otter, a contemporary of Wine's with a reputation as a good fiddler (who could also clog dance while he played). Hacker was recorded by Louis Watson Chappell in 1947. Calhoun County is the neighbor of Braxton County.
Melvin Wine

Additional notes
Source for notated version : - Melvin Wine [Beisswenger].

Printed sources : - Beisswenger (Fiddling Way Out Yonder), 200; p. 160 (standard notation transcription).

Recorded sources : - Poplar LP LPI 40290, Melvin Wine - "Cold Frosty Morning" (1976).

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Hear Melvin Wine's recording at Slippery Hill [3] Hear Melvin Wine and Sam Hacker's versions at the Old Towne School of Folk Music [4][5]

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  1. Gerry Milnes, Play of a Fiddle, 1999.
  2. There is a grave maker for Sam Hacker with these dates, and a marriage record of Sam Hacker and Ettie Carr of Braxton County, July 7, 1904.