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X:1 T:Calum Donaldson R:March C:Ronnie Cooper Z:transcribed by Ted Hastings M:2/4 L:1/16 K:A EAAG ABcd|eAcA eAcA|Bf-fe f2-fg|afec BdcA| EAAG ABcd|eAcA eAcA|Bf-fe fgaf|1ecBc A2fg:|2ecBc A2AF|| agab agfe|fgaf ecBA|Bf-fe f2-fg|afec Befg| [1agab agfe|fgaf ecBA|Bf-fe f2gf|ecBc A2eg:| [2EAAG ABcd|eAcA eAcA|Bf-fe fgaf|ecBc A2AF||

CALUM DONALDSON. Shetland, March. A Major. Standard tuning (fiddle). AB (Martin & Hughes): AA'BB'. Composed by the late Shetland accordion player and piano accompanist Ronnie Cooper (d. 1982), of Lerwick, a self-taught musician. The tune has become "popular with fiddlers throughout Britain and especially with Scottish dance bands" (Cooke, 1986).

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Printed sources : - Martin & Hughes (Ho-ro-gheallaidh), 1990; p. 28.

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