Cambridge Hornpipe (The)

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X: 1 T: The Cambridge Hornpipe O: trad. R: hornpipe Z: 2011 John Chambers <> S: printed MS from Mike Briggs M: C| L: 1/8 K: A (3EFG \ | A2AG Aceg | a2ag aece | fdBA GABd | (3cBA BA GAFG | EAAG Aceg | a2ag aece | fdBA GABd | cABG A2 :| |: (3Bcd \ | e2a2 ecA2 | d2b2 BcdB | gbeg begb | ac'ea c'eac' | e'2c'2 a2e2 | f2df eAcA | Baga ecBc | dBGB A2 :|

CAMBRIDGE (HORNPIPE), THE. AKA and see "Old Cambridge Hornpipe," "Pacific Slope (1)." Irish, Hornpipe. A Major. Standard tuning (fiddle). AABB. A version of "Pacific Slope (1)," a hornpipe printed in Ryan's Mammoth Collection (1883). The name Cambridge (from the original in southern England) has an interesting history. Originally it was called Grantebricge by the Anglo-Saxons, a combination of the Old English name for bridge (bricge) with the inherited Celtic name Granta, whose meaning was associated with swamps. The Normans, when they conquoured Britain, built a castle close by but found the name difficult to pronounce and step by step changes were introduced so that the first syllable became Crante-, then Cante-, Can- and finally Cam- (Matthews, 1972).

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Printed sources : - Taylor (Where's the Crack?), 1989; p. 25.

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