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X:1 T:Camlarg Lodge C:John Hall M:C L:1/16 R:Strathspey B:John Hall – “A Selection of Strathspeys Reels, Waltzes & Irish Jigs” (c. 1818, p. 28) B: N:”Printed and sold by John Hall, at his Music Room.” N:Hall (1788-1862) was a music teacher in Ayr, Scotland. His dancing master’s ‘kit’ N:(a small fiddle) used in his dancing lessons, is still preserved. Z:AK/Fiddler’s Companion K:C EF|GC3EG3 Tc4 G2-c2|dcBA G2E2 F2D2-D2EF|GC3EG3 cG3Aa3|gfed cBAG A2c2 dcBA| GC3EG3 Tc4 (G2c2)|dcBA G2E2 F2D2-D2EF|GC3EG3 c2G2A2a2|gfed cBAG A2c2-c2|| ef|gc3ea3 Tg4 fedc|B2G2 Bcde Tf3ga2f2|gc3ea3 gc3ac3|B2G2 BcdB G2c2-c2 ef| gc3ea3 Tg4 fedc|B2G2 Bcde Tf3ga2f2|(3g2e2c2 (3a2f2d2 (3g2f2e2 (3d2c2B2|(3A2G2F2 (3E2F2G2 A2c2- c2||

CAMLARG LODGE. Scottish, Strathspey (whole time). C Major. Standard tuning (fiddle). AB. "Camlarg Lodge" was composed by Ayrshire fiddler-composer biography:John Hall (1788-1862). Camlarg was a small but old estate near Dalmellington, Ayrshire. In 1741, William Logan, son of James Logan of Castle Cumnock, purchased the estate. He married Agnes McAdam, sister of the John McAdam, Laird of Craigengillan, after which Logan sold the estates of Over and Nether Laichts and Burnhead to McAdam in 1758. John McAdam was a road engineer (who invented the road surface Tar-Mac) who became a popular figure in Dalmellington, especially as he provided much needed employment. He was a generous benefactor who did much for the good of the Doon Valley. Camlarg was also the site of one of the earliest coal extraction sites in the valley. William Logan and Agnes McAdam's son, also named William McAdam, inherited Camlarg, but sold it to his uncle in 1780.

As was not unusual in those days, William McAdam (the son) married a daughter of John McAdam named Margaret (i.e. his first cousin). One of their children was also named William Logan and it is he who became a skilled musician and poet, and a friend of Neil Gow, and who was referenced as "Major Logan" in a poem by Robert Burns. He died unmarried in 1819. John Hall has some tunes by Major Logan in his collection (see "Colonel Nicholson" and "Mrs. Major Shaw").

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Printed sources : - John Hall (A Selection of Strathspeys Reels, Waltzes & Irish Jigs), c. 1818; p. 28.

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