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X: 1 T:Camptown Races [1] C:Stephen Foster R:Air and Polka M:2/4 L:1/16 K:G |:d2d2 B2d2|e2d2 B4|B2A6|B2A6| |:d2d2 B2d2|e2d2 B4|A2AA B2A2|G8| G2GG B2d2|g8|e2ee g2e2|d8| d2d2 BBdd|e2d2 B4|A2AA B2A2|G8:|]

CAMPTOWN RACES [1]. AKA - "I bet My Money." American, Air or Polka; English, North-West Morris Tune (4/4 time). G Major (Sweet, Wade): D Major (Person). Standard tuning (fiddle). AB (Wade): AABB (Person, Sweet). Wade's version is the famous Stephen Foster song melody translated to the North-West Morris tradition (for use with either a polka or single step). In America there is a singing call to the tune for square dancers. Apparently, the melody was collected as a sea shanty called "Banks of Sacramento," whose origins were in the California Gold Rush of 1849. This would seem to predate the Stephen Foster copyright, but the relation, if any, between the two is unclear.

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