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X: 1 T: Canadian Breakdown C: Jim Magill B: Community Dances Manual 6, pub. by the English Folk Dance and Song Society, 1964 M: C| L: 1/8 K: D A2|"D"d3d d2Bc|d2A2 F2D2|"A7"[e3A3][eA][e2A2]de|f2e2edBc| "D"d3dd2Bc|d2A2F2D2|"Em"EFGA "A7"BABc|"D"d2ecd2:| |:A2|"D"d2fd fdfa|d2ed "A7"edcA|"D"d2fd fdfa|"Em"gfed "A7"cABc| "D"d2fd fdfa|"D"d2ed "A7"edcA|"Em"gfed "A7"cABc|"D"d2f2 d2:|

CANADIAN BREAKDOWN. Canadian, Breakdown. D Major. Standard tuning (fiddle). AABB. Composed (copyright 1937) by Canadian fiddler Jim Magill (d. 1954). Magill was a contemporary and friend of Don Messer, who, like Messer, had a long running radio show (1946-1954) on Canadian radio (CNR). He recorded some 34 record albums and was much in demand, although he still made his living working for the Canadian National Railroad in the telegraph department. Magill may have been born in Northern Ireland or in Montreal (conflicting stories), in 1902.

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Printed sources : - Jarman (The Cornhuskers Book of Square Dance Tunes), 1944; p. 11. Sannella, Balance and Swing (CDSS).

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