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X:1 T:Candy Girl [1] M:2/4 L:1/8 B:Ford - Traditional Music in America (1940) Z:AK/Fiddler's Companion K:A [^B/e/][c/e/][c/e/][c/e/] [ce][ce]|[^B/e/][c/e/][c/e/][c/e/] [ce][ce]|[^B/e/][c/e/][c/e/][c/e/] [ce][ce]|[A/f/][A/e/]c/A/ B/A/A| [^B/e/][c/e/][c/e/][c/e/] [ce][ce]|[^B/e/][c/e/][c/e/][c/e/] [ce][ce]|[^B/e/][c/e/][c/e/][c/e/] [ce][ce]|[A/f/][A/e/]c/A/ B/A/A:|| [A4a4]|[A/e/][B/e/][c/e/][A/e/] [B/e/][c/e/][ce]|[A4a4]|[A/e/][B/e/][c/e/][A/e/] [B/e/][A/e/][Ae]|[A4a4]| [A/e/][B/e/][c/e/][A/e/][B/e/][c/e/][ce]|[A4a4]|[A/e/][B/e/][c/e/][A/e/] [B/e/][A/e/][Ae]|[^B/e/][c/e/][c/e/][c/e/] [ce][ce]| [^B/e/][c/e/][c/e/][c/e/] [ce][ce]|[^B/e/][c/e/][c/e/][c/e/] [ce][ce]|[A/f/][A/e/]c/A/ B/A/A|[^B/e/][c/e/][c/e/][c/e/] [ce][ce]| [^B/e/][c/e/][c/e/][c/e/] [ce][ce]|[^B/e/][c/e/][c/e/][c/e/] [ce][ce]|[A/f/][A/e/]c/A/ B/A/A| [A,2E2A4]|A,/B,/C/A,/ B,/C/C|[A,2D2A4]|A,/B,/C/A,/ B,/A,/A,|[A,2E2A4]| A,/B,/C/A,/ B,/C/C|[A,2E2A4]|1 A,/B,/C/A,/ B,/A,/A,:|2 A,/B,/C/A,/ B,/A,/[A,E]||

CANDY GIRL [1]. AKA - "Candy Gal." American, Reel. USA; Cumberland Plateau (Ky./Tenn. border area), Tenn. A Major. Standard or AEae tunings (fiddle). AAB (Ford): ABAB' (Phillips). Uncle Bunt Stevens, a some-time WSM radio performer, recorded the tune for Columbia in 1926, the same year he defeated the famous Uncle Jimmy Thompson in a regional fiddling contest. He later was crowned national champion by automotive king and fiddle buff Henry Ford (Charles Wolfe).

Additional notes
Source for notated version : - Bunt Stephens and Bruce Molsky [Phillips]; Uncle Bunt Stephens [Milliner & Koken]

Printed sources : - Ford (Traditional Music in America), 1940; p. 118. Milliner & Koken (The Milliner-Koken Collection of American Fiddle Tunes), 2011; p. 97. Phillips (Traditional American Fiddle Tunes, vol. 2), 1995; p. 28.

Recorded sources : - Columbia 15085-D (78 RPM), Uncle Bunt Stevens (Lynchburg, Tenn.), 1926. County 541, Uncle Bunt Stevens - "Nashville - The Early String Bands, vol. 1." County 786, "Gettin Upstairs: Traditional Music From the Cumberland Plateau, vol. 1." Oak Records OOK CD 001, "Brittany Haas" (2004). Rounder Cd0278, Mike Seegar - "Solo-Old Time Country Music" (1991).

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