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X:1 T:Cap and Bell, The L:1/8 M:4/4 K:D Major |d~F3 ADFA|dfec dAFA|B~G3 GBde|f2(3def eABc| |d~F3 ADFA|dfec dcBA|GFGA (3Bcd eg|1fdec Addc:|2fdec Adde|] |f~a3 afdf|bagf gfed|Be (3eee gfed|Be ba- agfe| |f~a3 fade|f2ed dcBA|GFGA (3Bcd eg|1fdec Adde:|2fdec Addc|]

CAP AND BELLS, THE. AKA and see "Out on the Road (2)." Irish, Reel. D Major. Standard tuning (fiddle). AABB. Composed by fiddle and piano player Josephine Keegan (b. 1935) who lives in Mullaghbawn, South Armagh. The title is a reference, she says, to one of the times when she briefly thought herself foolish, imagining that donning the cap and bells of a jester would be appropriate.

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Source for notated version: -

Printed sources : - Keegan (The Keegan Tunes), 2002; p. 21.

Recorded sources: - Green Linnet GLCD 1211, Kevin Crawford - "In Good Company" (2001. As "Out on the Road," learned from fiddler Conor Tully). Declan Masterson - "End of the Harvest" (1990, as "Out on the Road"). Outlet Records, Josephine Keegan - "Josephine Keegan: Irish Traditional Music." Spin CD1001, Eoghan O'Sullivan, Gerry Harrington, and Paul DeGrae - "The Smoky Chimney" (1996. Learned from east Galway fiddle player Conor Tully).

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