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X:1 T: Cape Blomidon Reel C: Ron Goodwin M:C| K:Bb F2|B2FB d2Bd|gf=eg fdB2|c2Ac f2cf|a2fa gfdc| B2FB d2Bd|gf=eg fdB2|c2Ac fcAc|BABc B2:| K:F |:c>e|f2cf Afce|f2df Bfde|f2cf AfcA|BAG^F G2ce| f2cf Afce|f2df Bfdf|efga bgeg|fefg f2:|

CAPE BLOMIDON REEL. Canadian, Reel. B Flat Major ('A' part) & F Major ('B' part). Standard tuning (fiddle). AABB. "Cape Blomidon Reel" is a popular tune in the Downeast fiddle repertoire of the Maritimes. The composition is credited to Ron Goodwin (1925-2003) of Annapolis Valley. Cape Blomidon is a headland located on the Bay of Fundy coast of the Canadian province of Nova Scotia, in the Minas Basin.

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Recorded sources : - Banff/Rodeo Records RBS 1263, Jack Greenough - "16 Great Canadian Fiddlers" (1967). CBC LM470, Jack Greenough - "Atlantic Fiddling" (1979). Marathon ALS 348, Carl Elliot - "Good Old Down Home Fiddlin'" (1972).

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