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X:1 T:Capt. Kellers Reel M:C| L:1/8 R:Reel B:Joshua Campbell – A Collection of New Reels & Highland Strathspeys (Glasgow, 1789, p. 3) Z:AK/Fiddler’s Companion K:Gmin A|B2 (d/c/B) fdbd|B/B/B (d/c/B) TA>FcA|B2 (d/c/B) fdbd|T(c>A)FA (B>G)G:| |:G|(DG)(BG) (dG)(BG)|(DG)(BG) (AF)cA|1 (GB)(BG) (dG)(BG)| T(c>A)FA BGG:|2 (DG)(BG) (dB)(gd)|(c'a)fa bgg|]

CAPTAIN KEELER. AKA - "Captain Keller." AKA and see "Black-Eyed Lassie," "Lowland Amusement." Scottish (originally), Canadian; Reel. Canada; Ontario, Cape Breton. B Flat Major ('A' part) & G Minor ('B' part) {most versions): A Major ('A' part) & F Sharp Minor ('B' part) {Surenne}. Standard tuning (fiddle). AB (Cranford/Fitzgerald, Kennedy, Surenne): AAB (Athole, Balmoral, Gow, S. Johnson, Honeyman, Kerr, Milne): AABB (Hunter, Skye, Welling). Glen (1891) finds the earliest printing of the tune in Neil Stewart's 1761 collection (p. 47), as "Captain Keller," a title that persisted in 18th century publications. In 19th century collections the reel most often appears as "Captain Keeler." O'Neill (1922) remarks: "The above clever tune first appeared in 1761 in A Collection of the Newest and the Best Reels and Country Dances, published in Edinburgh by Neil Stewart. As 'Capt. Keller's Reel' it has been reprinted in recent years, but without the spirited second finish."

"Lowland Amusement" is a pipe-reel setting of "Captain Keeler," printed by Glasgow piper, pipe teacher and pipe-maker William Gunn in 1848.

Additional notes
Source for notated version : - Winston Fitzgerald (1914-1987, Cape Breton) [Cranford]; fiddler Dawson Girdwood (Perth, Ottawa Valley, Ontario) [Bégin]; Gow (Complete Repository, Part First) [S. Johnson].

Printed sources : - Bégin (Fiddle Music from the Ottawa Valley), 1985; No. 62, p. 71 (appears as "Captain Keller"). Joshua Campbell (A Collection of New Reels & Highland Strathspeys), Glasgow, 1789; p. 3. Cranford (Winston Fitzgerald), 1997; No. 104, p. 43. Gow (Complete Repository, Part 1), 1799; p. 9. Honeyman (Strathspey, Reel and Hornpipe Tutor), 1898; p. 29. Giblin (Collection of Traditional Irish Dance Music), 1928; No. 53, p. 28. John Gow (A Favorite Collection of Slow Airs, Strathspeys and Reels), London, c. 1804; p. 5. Hunter (The Fiddle Music of Scotland), 1988; No. 266. S. Johnson (A Twenty Year Anniversary Collection), 2003; p. 37. Kennedy (Traditional Dance Music of Britain and Ireland: Reels and Rants), 1997; No. 17, p. 6. Kerr (Merry Melodies, vol. 1), c. 1880; Set 21, No. 4, p. 13. Köhlers’ Violin Repository, Part One, 1881-1885; p. 47. J. Kenyon Lees (Balmoral Reel Book), c. 1910; p. 15. Joseph Lowe (Lowe's Collection of Reels, Strathspeys and Jigs, book 3), 1844–1845; p. 19. MacDonald (The Skye Collection), 1887; p. 123. Milne (Middleton’s Selection of Strathspeys, Reels &c. for the Violin), 1870; p. 33. O'Neill (Waifs and Strays of Gaelic Melody), 1922; No. 209. Robbins Music Corp. (The Robbins collection of 200 jigs, reels and country dances), New York, 1933; p. 1. Ryan's Mammoth Collection, 1883; p. 70. Stewart-Robertson (The Athole Collection), 1884; p. 186. Surenne (Dance Music of Scotland), 1852; p. 42. Welling (Welling's Hartford Tune Book), 1976; p. 19 (appears as the last tune of "The F Medley"). Westrop (120 Country Dances, Jigs, Reels, Hornpipes, Strathspeys, Spanish Waltz etc. for the Violin), c. 1923; No. 106.

Recorded sources : - Breton Books and Records BOC 1HO, Winston "Scotty" Fitzgerald - "Classic Cuts" (reissue of Celtic Records CX 44). Greentrax CDTRAX 9009, John 'Dancie' Reid (1869-1942) - "Scottish Tradition 9: The Fiddler and his Art" (1993). Odyssey ORCS 1051, Jerry Holland - "Fiddler's Choice" (1998. Holland cites Winston "Scotty" Fitzgerald as his source). Rounder CD 11661-7033-2, Natalie MacMaster - "My Roots are Showing" (2000).

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