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X: 1 T:Captain Maguire % Nottingham Music Database S:Nan F-W, via EF M:4/4 L:1/4 K:D P:A F/2G/2|"D"A/2B/2A/2G/2 FA|"D"de "Bm"fe/2f/2|"Em"ga/2g/2 "A7"fe|"D"df "A7"AF/2G/2| "D"A/2B/2A/2G/2 FA|"D"de "Bm"fe/2f/2|"Em"ga/2g/2 "A7"fe|"D"d3:| P:B c/2d/2|"A"e3/2e/2 ed|"A"ce a2|"A"e3/2e/2 ef|"A"ge cA| "A"e3/2e/2 ed|"A"ce a2|"E7"e/2f/2e/2d/2 cB|"A"A3:|

CAPTAIN MAGUIRE. AKA and see "Babes in the Woods (2)," "Dan O'Leary's (2)," "Humors of Listowel (1)," "Liberton Pipe Band." Irish, Polka (2/4 time). D Major. Standard tuning (fiddle). AA'BB'. See also "Tuar Mór Polka (2) (The)" for a closely related tune. Phillip Heath-Coleman [1] notes that this tune is paired with "Bourton Six" (from Gloucester fiddler John Mason, to which the ditty "I have a bonnet trimmed in blue" is somethimes sung) for a four part medley. "For that reason," says Phillip, "the 'bonnet' name has also ecome attached to this other tune."

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Printed sources : - Mallinson (100 Irish Polkas), 1997; No. 63, p. 24.

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