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X:1 T:Capt. Money's March M:C L:1/8 R:March B:A. Robinson Jr. - ”Massachusetts collection of martial musick: containing a B:plain, easy and concise introduction to the grounds of martial musick” B:(Exeter, 1820, p. 57) B: Z:AK/Fiddler’s Companion K:G GA|B2 AG d2 BG|e2 e2 d2 Bc|d2 cB AcBA|G2 GG G2:| |:d2|g2 fe d2 cB|e2e2 d2 Bc|d2 cB A2G2|AGFE D3d| g2 fe d2cB|e2e2d2c2|Bgfg B2A2|G2 GG G2:|

CAPTAIN MONEY'S MARCH. AKA and see "Birmingham March," "Chimes," "Give me the girl that's ripe for joy." English, March (4/4 time). G Major. Standard tuning (fiddle). A very popular fife tune in the mid-to-latter 18th century. The earliest known version was printed in London by David Rutherford in Compleat Tutor for the Fife (1756), followed by appearances in a host of fife tutors, martial collections, woodwind tutors, etc. Samuel Bayard believes James Oswald may have been influenced by the tune, popular during his time, when he wrote "The Tulip," to which it bears a resemblance.

"Captain Money's March" was entered in the mid-19th century music manuscript of William Winter[1] (1774-1861), a shoemaker and violin player who lived in West Bagborough in Somerset, southwest England. See also "Balance the Straw (1)."

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Printed sources : - ovey MS, p. 44. Keller (Giles Gibbs Jr., His Book for the Fife...1777), 1974; p. 14. Longman and Broderip (Entire New and Compleat Instructions for the Fife), 1780; p. 24. Mattson & Walz (Old Fort Snelling: Instruction Book for Fife), 1974; p. 63 (as "Give Me the Girl that's Ripe for Joy"). Preston (Entire New and Compleat Instructions for the Fife), 1796; p. 16. Rutherford (Compleat Tutor for the Fife), 1756; p. 18. Skillern (Compleat Instructions for the Fife), 1780; p. 24. Thompson (Compleat Tutor for the Fife), 1760; p. 21. Geoff Woolfe (William Winter’s Quantocks Tune Book), 2007; No. 217, p. 82 (ms. originally dated 1850).

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