Annotation:Captain Park of Parkhall's Strathspey and Gigg

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X:1 T:Capt. Park of Parkhall's Strathspey and Gigg M:C L:1/8 R:Strathpsey Q:"Slow" B:Joshua Campbell – A Collection of New Reels & Highland Strathspeys (Glasgow, 1789, pp. 34-35) Z:AK/Fiddler’s Companion K:Bb F|(D/E/F) (B>F) T(DC/B,/) (F>D)|(E/F/G/B/) (G/F/E/D/) E(CC)Td/>c/|B>F T(G/F/G/B/) (F/G/B/c/) B/(b/a/b/)| (f<d)(cd/e/) dBB:|(g/a/|b>)f (e/d/)(c/B/) (g>e)(c>A)|{d}f>d T(B/A/B/F/) G(cc)e| (d<b) (g/f/e/d/) (c<f) (e/d/c/B/)|T(F>G)(B>c) {Bc}d(BB)(g/a/)|(b/a/g/f/) T(d>B) (g/f/e/d/) T(c>A)| T(d/c/d/B/) T(F>D) C(cc)e|(d/c/B/c/) (B/F/TF/D/) T(F>G)(B>c)|(B/b/a/b/) (f/d/c/e/) TdBB|| P:Gigg (F/E/)|(D/E/)FD BFB DFD B,DF|EGE FDF ECC C2c| B>dB DFB FBd Bdg|fga ba/g/f/e/ dBB B2:| (g/a/)|b2f Td(B/c/)d/B/ g2e Tc(A/B/)c/A/|{d}f>ed/c/ BFD Ccc c2e| dfb (g/f/)e/d/c/B/ cfc {e}dcB|F>GA/B/ cde dBB B2 (g/>a/)| bfb {g}fdf g>fe/d/ TcAc|dBF BFD Ccc c2e| TdcB FBF DFB dfb|(g/b/a/g/f/e/) (d/f/e/d/c/e/) dBB B2B||

CAPT. PARK OF PARKHALL'S STRATHSPEY AND GIGG. Scottish, Strathspey (whole time) and Jig (6/8 time). B Flat Major. Standard tuning (fiddle). AAB & AAB. John Guthrie Smith's Strathendrick and it's Inhabitants from Early Times (1895) gives his information about Parkhall, Meikle Boquhan, Balfron, Glasgow.


The lands of Parkhall, formerly called Mollanhead, being the western half of the town and lands of Meikle Boquhan.
Mollanhead was sold by Walter Buchanan of Boquhan in 1727 to John
Buchanan, W.S., Edinburgh, and in 1733 it was acquired from him by Thomas
Park, one of the Macers of Exchequer, and son of the Rev. George Park,
minister of Killearn.

Mr. Park changed the old name of the property to Parkhall, married a lady
of the name of Jane M'Farlane, and was succeeded by his son, Charles Park,
who is designed in a deed, dated 28th July 1797, "Lieutenant Charles Park."

On the 3rd December 1802, there is a disposition by Lieut. Charles Park
of the lands of Parkhall (with the exception of some 20 acres called Drummikipp,
which he had sold in 1792 to • Robert Dunmore of Ballindalloch) to John
Monteith, manufacturer in Glasgow, and he, on the 24th August 1804, with
the consent of the said Charles Park for all rights he had in the subjects, sold
Parkhall to Archibald Fletcher, advocate, Edinburgh.

It seems likely that Charles Park might have been the "Captain Park" of the title (the rank may be a regimental deslignation, and not an army rank).

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Printed sources : - Joshua Campbell (A Collection of New Reels & Highland Strathspeys), Glasgow, 1789; pp. 34-35.

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