Annotation:Captain Rutheven's Fancy

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X:1 T:Captain Rutheven's Fancy M:C| L:1/8 K:D A|dedB AFDF|GBBA GB-BA|dedB AFDF|EDEF DD-D:| e|fdad fdad|cAeA cAeA|fdad fdad|gbad fdde| (3fed ad fdbd|(3cBA eAc cAeA|Bdce dfeg|fgag fdd||

CAPTAIN RUTHEVEN'S FANCY. AKA and see "Lady Charlotte of Baird's," "Lord Lyndoch." English, Reel. D Major. Standard tuning (fiddle). AAB. The tune appears as a strathspey, "Lady Charlotte of Baird's" (Lady Charlotte of Braid's) in Elias Howe's 1000 Jigs and Reels, published in Boston c. 1867. Compare also with "Jenny Picking Cockles (1)."

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Printed sources : - Kennedy (Traditional Dance Music of Britain and Ireland: Reels and Rants), 1997; No. 19, p. 7.

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