Annotation:Captain Tyrrell's March

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CAPTAIN TYRRELL'S MARCH. Irish, March. Grattan Flood (1906) records that MacGeoghegan wrote of an incident which took place in early September, 1597, in which this tune played a prominent part. Captain Richard Tyrrell and 400 native Irishmen ambushed and annihilated an Anglo-Irish force of men of Meath, led by Lord Trimelston at Tyrrell's Pass, near Fertullagh, Co. Westmeath. As part of his force lay in ambush Tyrrell led the rest of his men in an attack, and "caused the drums and fifes to play 'Captain Tyrrell's March,' this being the signal agreed on for an attack" (p. 129). [Ed.- note that Grattan Flood is often unreliable as a primary source].

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