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X:1 T:Carl Wark R:polka (?) C:Dave Shepherd B:Encyclopaedia Blowzabellica Z:Transcribed by Jeff Lindqvist (as notated) M:2/2 L:1/8 K:Gm d|d2de d2cB|c3d BAGA|B2G2 A2AB|c2Bc d4| d2de d2cB|c2cd BAGA|B2G2A2AB|c2B2 G4:| |:d2dc d2g2|g2fg d4|b2ab g2gf|d2de c4| c2Bc d2fg|d2cB G4|D3B B2Bc|A2AB G4:||

CARL WARK. English, Polka. G Minor. A modern tune composed by Dave Shepherd. Carl Wark (sometimes Carl's Wark) is a rocky promontory on Hathersage Moor in the Peak District National Park, just inside the boundary of Sheffield, England.

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