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X:1 T:Carmelan M:4/4 L:1/8 Q:200 R:hornpipe K:D (3ABc) | d2AF DFAF | defd g2fg | a2fa gfec | dedc A2AG | FGAF DFAF |defd g2fg |a2fa gfec|dfec d2cd || ec~c2 efge | fd~d2 fgaf | ec~c2 efge | fddc d2cd | ec~c2 efge|fd~d2 fgaf | e^def ^gef^g | ae^gb a2 ||

CARMELAN. Scottish, Hornpipe. D Major. Standard tuning (fiddle). AB. The Carmelan is a Scottish name for the Dutch ship Kennemerland, wrecked in a gale off the coast of Shetland in 1664. All hands were lost save for three men who had been posted in the rigging as lookouts; when the mast fell as the ship broke apart, they were cast onto dry land. Though most of the wreckage was carried out to sea, the body of the ships drummer washed up on the shore of Bruray and was buried on a knoll near the pier, a place still known as 'Drummer's Grave'. This rhyme entered oral tradition in the Shetlands:

The Carmelan frae Amsterdam,
Cam on a Maunmas Day, ....... [Maunmas Day=feast day of St. Magnus]
On Staura Stack she broke her back,
And the Skerry folk got a prey.

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